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About Us

Excellence and Professionalism

American Jebco represents over 150 years of manufacturing experience with an emphasis on manufacturing efficiency (i.e. reduced cost) and engineering innovation.

Strategically located in the Chicagoland area at the intersection of several main trucking and shipping routes (near major expressways and O'Hare Airport), American Jebco is both accessible to our customers and convenient for our employees.

Materials Inventory

Raw materials to fill virtually every ferrous and non-ferrous requirement is stocked in large production quantities within our plant. Efficient storage and handling methods reduce the time from rack to production. 

Our rivets and speciality fasteners are routinely available in steel and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, other copper alloys. Other more unusual wire requirements pose no problem because of our close relationship with our suppliers. This strong supplier relationship with American Jebco assures us of meeting your diverse needs in the shortest amount of time.


For higher volume orders, we are able to import product as well as manufacture in house

Quality Guaranteed

Our Quality Control system conforms to the highest standards in the industry. These include:


  • IATF 16949:2016 Certified

  • Goal: 25 PPM, Zero Defect Focused

  • Goal: 100% On-Time Delivery

  • Complete capabilities:

    • PPAP

    • APQP

    • Capability Studies / CPK

    • FEMA

  • Vision Systems: Optical & Laser Sort capabilities

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Error-Proofing / Poke-Yoke philosophy

  • Customer-Focused Quality Approach

  •  Process Control plans

    ·       APQP planning

    ·       Strict lot controls

    ·       SPC systems

We are IATF Certified

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